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Metal Roofs

Metal roof is the fastest growing segment of the roofing industry in residential roofs. Nowadays metal roofs are being accepted with arms wide open in comparison to the old days. And, then why not? They help, save energy up-to 20%, they are environment friendly, can be 100% recycled and they can last for a lifetime!


The benefits offered today by metal roofs allows homeowners to upgrade their home with product of ever lasting value. And, we Premier Roofing and Remodeling Company in New York help them turn their wishes and dreams into reality. Metal roof are not just only resistant to cracking, shrinking, eroding but also to extreme weather condition which includes lightning and fire.
The only drawback of metal roof is the initial cost. But, due to the long term durability of the material (proven to be 50+ years) you ultimately save more than imagined. It is deal worth spending once, to live happily for the years to come.

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