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Metal Roofs

Are you interested in making your commercial building more energy efficient? If yes, then metal roof is the one for you! It cuts energy cost by upto 10 to 25%. The only drawback is, the cost. It is significantly higher than the others, but it will last a lifetime (proven to be 50+ years) with almost no maintenance required.

Metal roof is not just only fire-resistant, it is insects, mildew and rot resistant too. It is made from recycled content up to 90% and is 100% recyclable. It does not create or attract lightning, risking the structure of the building rather, its low weight helps to preserve the structural integrity and life for a long time.

Our, Premier Roofing And Remodeling Company’s efficient professionals will provide you the best roofing services including roof repair, installation, replacement and maintenance anywhere in New York. Metal roof is the new roof of the changing world. Call us today, to know more about it!

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